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It's the little things that turn a house into a home. It's that bay window with all the light, that you sit on to read their favorite books. There's so many pieces that fit together to make it perfect. You can feel it as soon as you enter a home. That's because it's all about you! The way your family eats or spends time together plays a major factor when choosing a new home. No two families needs are exactly the same. That's why it helps to have an agent who listens and one who cares.

As your Realtor, I use my experience and expertise working with families, to help you identify the type of home that will not only fit the budget and accommodate the way your family lives but also provides the kind of "happy" that puts a smile on your face, all the way home.

I'll help to locate that exact property. Here in the Triangle, we have homes built in every shape and style you could imagine. You'll see immaculate new construction to charming historic homes and everything in between, but you must move fast. The average home lasts hardly a week in some areas. That's why I'm out in neighborhoods everyday, looking for that diamond in the rough!

When we find it, our final step is to secure the property. This can be the most stressful aspect of your journey. Multiple offer scenarios and a shortage of homes on the market, means sellers are increasingly able to dictate favorable terms for themselves. And if your offer isn't put together properly, complete and on time, you may never have the opportunity to negotiate.

Because of these and other factors many buyers are finding it necessary to have a seasoned agent represent them when out shopping for a home. The good news is you already found us! Let's chat and see how we can make you one of the family.

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